Structured Course in Fly Tying by Steve Hudson

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A Structured Course in Fly Tying is designed to teach you the practical aspects of fly tying, one at a time, on your schedule. Master teacher Steve Hudson has combined years of experience in education with a passion for teaching others the joys of fly tying to develop this uniquely structured and technique-based fly tying course.
     This fly tying book is perfect for beginning tyers who want to learn the fly tying art! No prior tying experience is necessary, and you can work through this course at your own pace. Everything unfolds in almost 300 pages of clear, concise and extensively illustrated instruction, with every lesson building on the ones that came before.
     As you use A Structured Course in Fly Tying, you'll be going through a carefully structured series of lessons designed to help you learn the key elements and techniques of fly tying - one at a time. Along the way you'll tie dozens of proven and effective flies that you'll be able to use on the water right away too! It's all presented in a structured sequence designed to help you learn, and all of the tying instruction is greatly enhanced by numerous original illustrations created especially for this book.
     "Over the years, after teaching hundreds of students to tie flies, I have learned what helps beginning tyers learn as smoothly and as enjoyably as possible," notes author Steve Hudson. "Those insights are the basis for this book. It makes learning to tie flies fun!"

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