Siman Streamer Dubbing



Special dubbing material for tying bodies and heads of streamers, intruders and salmon flies. It is the blend of selected synthetic and natural fibres, cut to approx. 3 cm length.


  • composition: mix of selected synthetic and natural fibres and different types of mylar
  • cut to approx. 3cm length
  • bag contains 1 gram of dubbing
  • medium-hard material that holds its shape well and fills the required volume
  • can be produced in other colors and without pearl mylar
  • can be supplied in trays with 10 colors of dubbing, choice according to customer's wishes (tying salmon flies, intruders, trout streamers, etc.)


  • tying smaller streamers - complete
  • bodies and heads of larger streamers and zonker streamers
  • large flies / possibility to dub massive bodies, to brush and cut
  • intruders
  • salmon flies
  • stillwater lures
  • Czech nymphs, shrimps, snow bugs

Recommended tying techniques

  • loop dubbing technique
  • excellent material for rotary dubbing on a single waxed thread and the technique of "touch and fold"
  • several colors can be mixed in the hand
  • making dubbing brushes

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