Semperfli Predator Fibres

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With an action between marabou and bucktail, Semperfli Predator Fibres are an alternative to Enrico Puglisi's EP Fibers but much more cost effective. Predator Fibres are available in a great array of colors in 18 inch strands - they are perfect for imitating large as well as smaller baitfish, whether tied on hooks or tubes for saltwater or freshwater flies. These fibers have a slight 'kink' allowing you to give the fly some bulk without having to use excess material. They do not absorb water so flies will cast well and give great movement in the water every time. Used as synthetic, translucent long tapered tail fibres, Predator Fibres are as delicate as traditional feather fibre but infinitely stronger. Available in a wide range of both blended and solid colors.

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