Hitena Paranix WT Tippet

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Paranix® Multi-polymer Fly Tippet (33yd)

Paranix is completely new fly tippet material that has never existed in fishing before. Hitena's R&D and polymerization/spinning technology made it possible to bring this magical multi-polymer tippet to fly fishers. In addition, Paranix will bring more fun to fly fishing by removing odd jobs to straighten tippet. Due to the far superior tensile strength and knot strength, you might want to consider downsizing tippet which will add another benefit of slimmer tippet for the same job. Coupled with its already better clarity than other tippet materials, Paranix will be even less visible. Both lab test results and more than a year of field test in fresh and saltwater prove it.  

- PBT (PolyButylene Terephthalate) base multi-polymer
- Full size range from 0X down to 13X available and all thickness true to the specification
- Density 1.42 positions in the middle of nylon's 1.14 and fluorocarbon's 1.78. Slowly sinking and forms no slack in water
- Clearer than mono, fluorocarbon
- Ultra sensitivity that reads any bites with just 50~70% stretch of fluorocarbon 
- Super abrasion resistance at least 10 times better than fluorocarbon
- Knot strength 10~20% better than fluorocarbon
- No memory. Any kinks or coils perfectly straightens once slight tension is applied 
- No difference in dry and wet knot strength  
- Absolutely zero water absorption
- Almost zero UV degradation

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