Hitena Devil Line Knottable Wire

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Great for Articulated Streamers!!!

- Tooth-proof leader with Titanium, Stainless steel and polymer braided together with another polymer core inside
- Truly knottable, supple and flexible wire leader for toothy or sharp skin/gill species - pike, muskie, blue fish, wahoo, shark, king fish, mackerel, barracuda, hairtail, sheepshed, ..., etc  
- Direct knot to lines and tackles - absolutely no need for crimping
- No memory leader with perfect restoration to straight, no kink at all 
- Monster strength up to 410 lb with super abrasion resistance
No need for full scale knots due to its super surface friction - Uni knot for examples, just 2 wraps are more than enough or just simple knots even like 2 half hitches don't slip out.
- No corrosion to withstand water in a prolonged period
Replaces all types of leaders for toothy species from fluoro/mono to wires

* Keep Devil Line out of guide rings before casting as ultra strong surface may erode them.

Devil Line - Tooth-Proof, No memory, No kink, Super Abrasion Resistance

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