Frog's Fanny Flotant

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The classic powder floatant, loved by anglers worldwide for generations! 

Powder floatants are a must-have accessory for any serious trout angler. Gel-based floatants are great for initial applications when flies are fresh and dry. After a dry has been fished and accrued some water, the best way to maintain floatation is to thoroughly dry it out (using a dry fly towel, amadou patch, your shirt sleeve, etc...) and apply a powder floatant (i.e. Frogs Fanny). Silicon based powders like this help to absorb water remaining in the fly while promoting hydrophobicity. The brush applicator allows the user to tease out matted fibers and really work the powder into the body and wings of the fly.

Anglers choosing to use CDC based patterns or patterns with prominent antron wings like Chubby Chernobyls should never be on the river without this product.      

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