Fly Tying Tools You Can Build by Steve Hudson

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     Here's something different in the way of books for fly tyers ... a book that does not include a single fly pattern! 

     That's right. FLY TYING TOOLS YOU CAN BUILD does not include a single fly recipe. Instead, it's loaded with plans and projects for making your own fly tying tools! From bobbins and whip finishers to desktop tying stations, dubbing brush makers, and even homebrew fly tying vises, this book brings a whole new dimension to the fly tying experience.

     With 240 pages of great tying tool projects, FLY TYING TOOLS YOU CAN BUILD was written with the hobbyist in mind. You won't need specialized skills or exotic tools to complete these projects. Numerous detailed illustrations help make these projects easy to build, and every time you finish one you'll have a new and genuinely useful tool or accessory to add to your fly tying bench!

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