Fly Fishing 101 by Steve Hudson

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Are you ready to get started in flyfishing? Here's the perfect book to help you do just that - the fun and easy way!
     Flyfishing is a sport that you can enjoy for a lifetime. But getting into it can be a little intimidating - until now.
     FLYFISHING 101 is a readable, entertaining, and to-the-point book that demystifies the process of getting started. This book helps you every step of the way from selecting your first fly rod to catching your first fish.
     Here's a look at the kind of info and insight you'll find inside FLYFISHING 101:
     * Understanding flyfishing - what it is and why it works the way it does
     * Tips on selecting the outfit that's right for you
     * Casting a fly rod - and an entertaining way to teach yourself basic fly casting
     * Filling your fly box - how to pick great flies for your first fly fishing trips
     * Tying knots - easy-to-follow instructions to help you learn the knots you'll need
     * Practical flyfishing tips - for when you get out on the water

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