Fisherman's Guide to Unicoi State Park by Steve Hudson

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Whether you're fishing for trout, bass or bluegill, northern Georgia's Unicoi State Park near Helen, Ga., is a fantastic fishing destination...and the new Fisherman's Guide to Unicoi State Park will tell you everything you need to know to enjoy that great fishing on your next visit to the area.

This lively and highly readable 68-page guidebook provides an in-depth look at the great fishing opportunities that await you in the waters of Unicoi State Park. It gives you the insights and knowledge that you will need to successfully explore not only Smith Creek but also Unicoi Lake. A special chapter covers delayed harvest trout fishing on the delayed harvest stretch of Smith Creek.

Other highlights:
* Highly detailed maps of each section of Smith Creek and Unicoi Lake.
* Suggestions on tackle and techniques.
* An in-depth look at the remarkable bass fishing opportunities offered by Unicoi Lake.
* A special section focusing on delayed harvest trout fishing in Smith Creek.

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