Daiichi Saltwater X Point X452

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DAIICHI X452 "X-POINT" SALTWATER HOOKS are up to 7-times sharper than other hooks. The point is like a broadhead hunting arrow. Forged-bend, straight eye. TOUGH for tarpon, Deceivers, Clouser's, Ed's F-C Sand Shrimp, Bonefish Flies etc.  Size-4/0 (10-PAK $11.95), Size-3/0 (10-PAK $11.95), Size-2/0 (10-PAK $9.95), Size-1/0 (10-PAK $9.95), Size-2 (12-PAK $8.50), Size-4, 6 or 8 (15-PAK $8.50)

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