Semperfli Boom Dubbing

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Boom Dubbing from Semperfli is a special mix of up to 5 SemperSeal colors and 6 Semperfli Ice Dubbings. Boom Dubbing comes in 100mm strands (4 inches) with 1.5g per pack and is targeted at predator and saltwater flies. With the translucent SemperSeal and vibrant flashes from Semperfli Ice Dubbing embedded in this unique dubbing, this Boom Dubbing sets new standards for color and effect in fly tying. It is easy to break down dubbing into smaller samples but impossible to grow dubbing! That's why Boom dubbing is offered in 100mm (4 inch strands) for those large streamers. With its longer length strands, it can be broken into smaller sized dubbing as required.

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