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Bluelining 101 by Steve Hudson

Bluelining 101 by Steve Hudson

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BLUELINING 101, the newest entry in our series of "101" guides for flyfishers, explores the exciting world of "bluelining" ... finding and fishing those off-the-beaten-track streams that are sometimes known only as blue lines on maps. This dynamic 76-page book covers every aspect of bluelining: 

     - using topo maps to find and evaluate streams

     - selecting tackle for use on blueline streams

     - choosing and using flies on bluelines

     - how to "read" blueline streams

     - on-stream tactics to help you catch more fish

     - specialized casting techniques for fishing bluelines

     - planning blueline trips

     - and much more!

     We are very excited about BLUELINING 101, and we're sure it will be just the thing to help you discover just how much fun it can be to look for great trout fishing that few others ever experience!

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