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Long After The Stain Has Gone

I fish the Chattahoochee River below Lake Lanier a ton.  Each year the lake goes through a process that discolors the water being dishcharged.  Whether it is an event like this or a good rain we all know a little stain on the water can be great.  But are you taking advantage of the discolored water long after it has cleared?

The great thing about stained water is that it defines depth changes.  That stretch of water that looked like it was all knee high now shows small pockets, dumps, holes, runs.  It only takes a small change in depth to provide the kind of current breaks that trout seek.

Make mental notes of these holding spots.  It certainly pays if it is a stretch of water you will be going back to time after time.   But even during a single day on a mountain stream it is not unusual to have stained water that clears up by days end.  You will know where they are likely to be holding later that day, go back and cover those spots for the payoff.

Fish on! - Big T