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How To Tie Flies: Lesson 1

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  • Royce Hayes on

    Thank you for preparing these classes. I just finished lesson one. I have been tying Salt Water flies since the 90s and a few flies for bass and bream fishing. My friends call my flies skanky which would be an insult if they did not always ask me for flies. They have come to the conclusion that fish must bite my flies because they think my flies look wounded. Anyway, I’ve learned by trial and error. I am looking forward to following your classes and to learn proper technique. If I have questions, I assume it is ok to write to you via this format? I spent 44 years managing St. Catherines Island off the coast of Georgia. I have retired and one of my goals it to better learn fly tying.
    I am writing from my house on Yahoola Creek a few miles north of Dahlonega, GA.

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