Not As Much As You Think

How heavy of a rod do I need to land bigger trout?  Not as much as you think.  Today's rods, especially those geared to euro-nymphing generally are fast action rods with good backbone and a soft tip.  Gone are the days of needing a 5 weight to land 20" fish in an expeditious manner protecting the health of the fish.
What size tippet do I need?  Not as much as you think.   If you are using lower weight rods (2-4) you can get away with 5x and 6x and still land large fish.  The rods tend to absorb a lot of the pressure and better protect the tippet.
How heavy do my flies need to be?  Not as much as you think.  Again, lower weight rods lead to lighter tippet that is smaller in diameter and aids in the sink rate of your flies if fished properly.   This allows us to fish smaller flies that often better imitate the aquatic insects the fish are feeding on.  I can tick the bottom fishing two flies with 3mm or even 2.5mm beads in medium current/depth.
How far do I need to be able to cast?  Not as much as you think.  I will discuss this in my next blog.
How many different types of flies do I need?  Not as much as you think.  However I don't practice what I preach on this one.  Here in the South it is rare that fish will key in on a specific hatch although I have witnessed several exceptions.  That is my excuse for carrying so many.
How much money will I save if I tie my own flies?  Not as much as you think.  In fact, the number very well could be negative if you are like me and continue to buy materials.    I don't make any profit selling flies as it seems to constantly go to buying more stuff to tie flies with.  But isn't that what makes it fun!!  And it is often a priceless feeling you get catching a fish on a fly you tied.  Modern materials continue to be developed and as much as I like to stay natural, a lot of this stuff works.
How many fish do I need in my freezer?  Not as much as you think.  I will leave it at that.

​Fish On....................  Big T