Falling Back into Fly Fishing


Falling Back Into Fly Fishing

 I like to chase trout year round, and in the South between mountain streams and tailwaters there is almost always somewhere a short drive away to fish.  However, I do understand that a lot of folks either switch species or stop fly fishing completely in the hot summer months.  If you took or ever take a break for months at a time here are some helpful tips to get back into the swing.

 Pull your gear out well in advance of your first planned trip to check condition and inventory.  It may just remind you that you let a buddy borrow something, or that you lost and item the last time you fished.  This will give you time to track down or buy any needed equipment.

 Put on your waders and boots to make sure they still fit and are in proper condition.  Ideally get in some water to also check for leaks.  If that isn’t possible put rubbing alcohol in a spray bottle and spritz your waders.  Any holes should show up as dark spots that you can repair.  Every year I have a client who hasn’t worn their gear for an extended period of time that has a catastrophic wardrobe failure or finds that things just don’ t fit like they used to.  Speaking of failures, check those boot laces since they often dry rot and break easily after storage.

 Before assembling your rod apply ferrule wax.  This keep your sections from coming apart when you don’t want them to (while casting) but also makes it easier to disassemble.  Put reel oil on your reel if the manufacturer calls for it to help with lubrication.  Ideally you cleaned and dressed your fly line before putting things away but if you are like most of us you didn’t.  Now is the time to do it.  While you are at it go ahead and stretch your line and your leader to remove memory.  You may find that your leader should be changed as well.

 It is a good time to peruse your fly inventory and make sure you have what you will need for fall fishing.  Check your local hatch calendars.  The bugs you need may be different that what you had in your box the last time you were on the water.  Go through your vest, chest pack, sling pack etc. to make sure you have what you need, and purge what you collected but don’t need.

 Lastly, shameless plug, consider taking a guided trip to knock the rust off!

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