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John Partridge Unisex Landowner Wax Jacket

Regular price $139.00

This is a European Cut - Make sure and take your measurements before purchase... for men it's best to size up one or two sizes... for women one size... 

The King of all wax walking jackets, the John Partridge Landowner is versatile, durable and above all stylish. This flattering wax jacket looks good on women and men alike. This jacket is made in the exact same factory as the Barbour series of wax jackets with the same people for a fraction of the cost. And with less inner seams, you'll find this jacket has much better protection against the wind than competitors. 

The perfect walking jacket, the Landowner features two practical front pockets and a button down fastening for extra added protection. Whether your a country bumpkin or a sleek city dweller this classic jacket is the perfect addition to your winter ward

John Partridge’s authentic heritage and strong brand values started half a century ago in 1969. Originally called ‘Landowner’ our company grew out of a farm market supplies business; farmers past and present can attest that John Partridge means value for money, well made, great fabrics, comfortable fit and made for the long term.

Influenced by farm and English country life, John Partridge’s core values include products that are skillfully handcrafted to be passed from generation to generation. We design for longevity. We believe that form must follow function, that function must offer the greatest comfort, and that comfort reflects a certain character, a certain style. The fabrics we use feel better as each day goes by, aided by traditional manufacturing methods where quality is a matter of pride, not numbers.

From the beginning John Partridge has always been committed to building a relationship with our customers and creating a strong, growing community.  Whilst continuing to create high quality products for men and women, we are developing ranges to suit from house to hound. 

We are a skilled team who pride ourselves on quality that will last our customers a lifetime, constantly improving and looking better with age. Our focus is on ethically sourced, practical products that are built to last. Made in our own UK factory with devotion and years of experience, we make sure we only work with the absolute best in the business. We are very proud to say that the roots of John Partridge have always sat right in the heart of Staffordshire, England.

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